Success Stories

I have been taking my grandson here for Speech therapy for over 3 years now. They are fantastic! Kristin has been awesome. He wasn’t talking at all when we started. He still go but he is 200% better than when he started. He went from grunts and sign language to now carrying on conversations all the time. I would recommend Two trees for speech hands down over the others we have seen!

I worked with Pierre, and after a few months, I am feeling a lot better. The staff were always professional and kind. I was always greeted and my therapist was always on time. I highly recommend this company and the services they offer.

Two Trees P.T. has combined knowledgeable and professional staff with a welcoming and caring environment. Within two weeks, i noted strength and a lessening of pain from my chronic knee injury. I look forward to my therapy sessions knowing I'm gaining strength and correcting old habits, under safe supervision. Jaime gives me 100% supervision while being able to multitask. Eugene is constantly evaluating my needs and I feel I am working safely under his care. Thanks, Mark, for the great team you've assembled.

I had a great experience with Eugene who is an awesome sports therapist PT at Two Trees. The staff and treatment is top notch. I went in with bad over use injuries from running. Mostly sciatica and hamstring strains. So because I wanted to keep training while healing they adapted, I had a big 50k coming up they adapted. Eugene's hands on treatments helped me feel better right away then with the strengthening exercises, it rounded out the physical therapy. They helped me on my way to recovery. In the end, I had to stop running for a while and continue the exercises they taught me to really heal which Eugene recommended from the beginning but you know how it goes! :)