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Success Stories

After living with chronic back for over 8 years my doctor referred me to the team at Pinnacle Physical Therapy. This was the point my life changed forever. Starting with my first appointment I could tell something was different about Pinnacle. I have never experienced such a caring and compassionate group of people who are dedicated to my healing process. Throughout my journey I was always involved in my treatment and the staff always listened to my concerns. They do an amazing job of educating you about what you are doing and how it will provide benefit. During my time I worked with almost every provider and each one brings their own experience and viewpoints to help me achieve my goal of living without chronic pain. It took time and dedication both in my appointments and on my own at home, but I can now say that I am living without chronic pain. That's not to say there aren't days where there is still pain, but the team at Pinnacle gave me the tools needed to help myself when this happens. They empower you with knowledge and confidence to help yourself overcome the challenges pain brings to daily life. I cannot say enough good things about everyone working at Pinnacle Physical Therapy. I encourage everyone to help yourself and call them and see if you too can lead a more pain free life.

I wish I never had an injury in the first place, but coming here was almost enjoyable. The therapists are friendly and caring. The whole experience was positive including front desk staff, PT Assistants and even a friendly billing staff. All around great choice for Physical Therapy.

The staff was very friendly, caring and competent. My PT went so well that I can not notice that I ever had a significant injury. I would highly recommend Pinnacle to anyone. Great experience .

I had an amazing experience. I feel so great and confident in my daily activities. I felt like the physical therapists genuinely care for their patients. - AA

Everyone that works here is exceptionally polite and friendly, no one wants to have to go to physical therapy but the staff here including the front desk make it a better experience. They don't just do their job like some places, they care about their clients it shows in their kindness. Thank you everyone at Pinnacle, you are all great. If I ever have to do physical therapy again I will definitely be requesting Pinnacle.