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Golden Bear Therapy Partners and Bodycentral Open Second Clinic in Phoenix

Golden Bear Therapy Partners, a rehabilitation company expanding across the United States, has helped Arizona partner Bodycentral in the opening of their second Phoenix-area clinic. The new branch is located at 2051 S Dobson Road and will allow the group to offer their highly reviewed, professional physical therapy services to the community of Mesa.

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Exercise During Pregnancy

Movement is a key component of maintaining optimal health and wellness in any life stage, and pregnancy is no exception! There are numerous benefits of exercising during pregnancy, both for mom and baby.  For most women, exercise is not only safe but encouraged during pregnancy. According to The American College of Gynecology (ACOG), healthy pregnant women […]

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Fall Prevention: Those with good habits live long!

Those with Good Habits Live Long The science of rehabilitating elderly patients that face weakness, imbalance, or both is improving and must continue to advance in both proficiency and popularity. The cost of functional dependence, due to caregiving expenses, or the medical care after a fall – is saddling our economy and Medicare to a greater extent […]

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Engineering Speed: Our Approach to Making Athletes Fast

We make athletes fast. We do that through resisted and assisted sprinting and improving sprint technique. Click here to start getting faster today!   Resisted and assisted (or overspeed) training are great training tools to make athletes faster. Whether the athlete needs to improve explosive speed (acceleration) or improve top speed, resisted and assisted sprinting does […]

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Life After ACL Tear: Four Steps To Bounce Back and Become A Better Athlete Than Before

ACL tears are catastrophic injuries that are the kiss of death to many athletes. The result of ACL tears range from never playing again, to playing but never at the same level of competitiveness, to bouncing back and becoming an even better athlete than before the injury. Why do some athletes thrive and others fail to […]

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High Performance Fueling: How to Eat to Train Hard and Perform at a High Level

It was about 11AM and I asked the group of high school athletes I was training what they had eaten. “Nothing.” All three of them. I was shocked. How could these athletes come in to workout without eating anything beforehand to fuel themselves? Then I remembered what I was like in high school. We NEVER […]

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Direct Access: Allowing You to See Us Without a Referral

In the old model of health care you had to receive permission from your doctor to do nearly any medical treatment, including physical therapy. Today, however, we are blessed with direct access, which allows most people to schedule physical therapy without talking to their primary care physician first. What does this mean for you? It means […]

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How to Get Faster: Four Simple Rules for Training Speed (Plus Two Speed Workouts)

The two fastest teams in the NFL last season were the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. They also happened to be the top two teams in the NFL, meeting each other in the Super Bowl (the author of this article would prefer not to remember the outcome). Coincidence that the two best teams in […]

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5 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Rehab Center

When a person undergoes any sort of physical trauma, it is common for their primary physicians to recommend a period of rehabilitation. It is at these facilities that a patient’s recovery is ultimately assisted. In fact, 41% of patients who want medication-free pain relief ultimately found that physical therapy was effective in their treatment and recovery. But […]

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7 Secrets Toward Motivating Yourself to be Active

For many of us, staying in shape can turn into an “all-or-nothing” attitude. Maybe we had a long day at work, or maybe we have to drive our kids to their extracurricular activities, or maybe it’s dark and cold and we simply don’t want to put in the effort. These are common excuses, and we […]

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